Who We Help

We help companies develop products and services customers want and desire while eliminating the waste and frustration of launching product duds.

We work with tech and B2B firms who want to grow,  but are facing market challenges, identify attractive market opportunities, and develop and launch innovative new products, to win customers and beat the competition.

Are some of these statements
all-too familiar?

  • “Seems like nothing we launch is new or bold. We are stuck on ‘me-too’ products and struggle to launch truly breakthrough new products. We’re barely keeping pace with the competition; we’re slowly losing market share.”
  • “We have lots of ideas, but not enough resources to act on all of them, and no consistent way to select the best ideas. We waste scarce and valuable resources on mediocre and low value projects. The truly deserving projects don’t receive the resources they should. Good projects are starved for resources and move at a crawl or simply aren’t done.”
  • “We have too many ‘solutions looking for a problem.’ We have a lot of promising technologies and inventions but we struggle to identify viable markets and customers who want them.”
  • “We missed the market completely. We don’t have a very good understanding of what the customer really wants and tend to just throw things out there hoping something will stick. We struggle to get enough initial sales traction to keep the new opportunity alive.”

Clients are likely to be successful working with us if…

  • …they have had success in the past but today are struggling to launch truly new products that will retain or establish market leadership and achieve growth goals.
  • …they are looking for assistance in expanding their innovation execution performance and committed to implementing new approaches.
  • …they’ll do what it takes to be the market leader in the arenas they chose to compete in.
  • …they have solid engineering and technical skills but have realized that just because they can build it, doesn’t mean customers will beat a path to their door.
  • …they are looking for better and more effective way to understand what the market wants and create solutions that the market will value.
  • …they may be a relatively young firm with initial success but lately their new product introductions have been marginally successful.
  • …their products launch portfolio are primarily “me-too” line extensions and the market has shifted to new technologies and solutions.
  • …they are dedicated to developing products that create customer value while eliminating the waste and frustration associated with launching product duds.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, learn about our services.

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Advance the way you think about launching products in your industry.

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case studies

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The Innovator’s Playbook

Discovering and Transforming Great Ideas Into Breakthrough New Products

The Innovator's Playbook

The Innovator’s Playbook provides an innovation framework based on the "jobs-to-be-done" innovation theory pioneered by Clayton Christensen and others. This proven methodology frames innovation opportunities from the customer's perspective to create products and services that match the needs of the people who use it.


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