Is everyone on your team working from the same page and getting the results you want?

This program gets your strategies and plans out of your head and onto a powerful and executable one page business plan providing clear direction, alignment, motivation and accountability in getting the results you want.

The OPPEX Playbook keeps everyone on the same page – all year long!

Learn how successful executives use One Page Plans & Execution (OPPEX) Playbooks to strengthen strategic thinking, communication, decision making, focus, execution and accountability.

Dear Business Leader,
You have built a great business overtime and have led your team in creating and retaining profitable customers. But the business environment has changed. What worked yesterday is no longer working today. And the future is only getting more complex and challenging.

You have thought long and hard on what your challenges are. You and your team talk a lot about what needs to get done, yet there is a lack of action and accountability.

In short, you need a plan of action. And your plan needs to be written and shared with everyone in the organization. Not having a written plan makes it almost impossible for others to help you grow your business!

But writing a plan is difficult and takes time. And you have been down this planning path before, only to find your plans end up sitting on the shelf collecting dust. A complete waste of time!


Planning Doesn’t Need To Be Complex!

What you don’t need is a multi-page strategic/business plan with fancy graphics and figures.

What you is need a planning system and method that is clear, simple and written on one page that gets to the point.


And a performance system that measures progress and results that keeps everyone in your organization accountable and on track.

OPPEX Playbooks Work Because

OPPEX Playbooks are built on top of The One Page Business Plan and Performance System® (TOPPS). The One Page Business Plan is an innovative approach to business planning that captures the essence of any business, project or program into a single page using key words and short phrases.


Plans are easy to write, and easy to update streamlining the planning process. Plans actually get documented and are understandable. And the planning system can be implemented in less than 4 weeks.


The flexible methodology makes it possible for all managers and teams in the organization to each have a plan. The standard format makes it easy to review, compare and understand plans.


TOPPS provides direct linkage of performance tracking to goals and progress reporting to key projects. And a simple yet comprehensive dashboard to help track your team’s performance.


As a licensed provider of TOPPS, I provide more value to you by packaging this proven planning system with my extensive experience, skills and body of knowledge in working with business leaders in making strategic choices and achieving clarity, alignment, accountability and results.

Here are the results you can expect

Simplicity and Timely: No complicated terminology or software to learn. Process works at all levels – team, projects, departments, divisions & C level. Planning process can be implemented from start to finish in four weeks are less.


Clarity and Alignment: Your organization will be working from the same page providing clarity, motivation and alignment on executing the strategic initiatives that grow your business.


Accountability: Everyone in your organization will know what their jobs are, how they fit in the “big” picture, and the results they are expected to produce. You will have a culture of alignment, accountability and predictable results.


Continuous Learning and Improvement: You will have measurable progress and constant feedback to improve execution. Your decision making process will be driven by fact, and guided by your one page plan to keep you moving in the right direction.


Results & Success: Plans and goals are created at the beginning of the planning cycle are actually implemented and achieved at every level in the business.

How I developed the OPPEX Playbook

Over the years I have been involved in countless strategy planning cycles, both as a “C” level executive and advising business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO’s.


What I have learned over time is that traditional strategy and business plans are too complex, too time consuming and not actionable.


They may be good for raising money and useful for your annual dog and pony show with your board. But they are almost worthless for running your company.


Too many plans stay stuck in our heads. We assume our team understands what our objectives are, and what needs to get done to achieve results. Even though, we may be a bit fuzzy ourselves on executing our strategy.    


Or equally problematic, our plans and objectives are scattered across multiple documents. All that work and effort on strategy and planning gets lost in the cloud, inaccessible, unactionable, and worthless.  There is no simple and clear way to communicate and connect the dots.


Adding to the confusion is a lack of accountability. Even when we are able to articulate our objectives and plans clearly, our staff resist change.


They want to do the right thing, and produce results. Yet when push comes to shove, they fall back to doing “business as usual.” 


Change is hard, it requires a culture shift. It won’t happen on its own. We must have a system and practice in place to manage our teams progress and hold them accountable in getting their jobs done and delivering results.  


In developing the OPPEX Playbook, I wanted to adopt a proven system that simplifies the planning process, and integrates a simple yet robust performance system to keep employees on track and accountable for producing results.

The One-Page-Business-Plan and Performance System (TOPPS) platform is the clear choice.


With a 25 year history of success for small, mid-market companies and divisions of Fortune 500, TOPPS provides a robust yet simple system for creating and cascading plans throughout an organization to build a culture of alignment, execution and predictable results.

Structure of the Program

There is a 4 month and a 12 month program. Both services start with the business owner, CEO or business leader in charge of growth and/or major strategic initiative, where we will create the organizational business plan, objectives and define the key results.


4 Month Program:


  • Month 1: Plan Creation including “one-page-business-plan” deliverable. And develop and setup Scorecard & Performance Execution Playbook
  • Month 2 - 4: Facilitated monthly Business Reviews
  • Approximately 10 hours coaching with the business leader
  • Approximately 5 hours each with direct reports with department and/or project based One Page Plans.

4 month program includes the TOPPS Cloud-Based System with the Plan-Builder


12 Month Program:

Includes all the program 4’s deliverables plus:

  • 8 additional facilitated monthly Business Reviews
  • Business leader receives 2 to 3 hours business coaching per month
  • Direct reports 1 to 2 hours coaching per person per month

Is the OPPEX Playbook Right for You?

This playbook is right for you if you want better results from your planning, execution activities and employee performance.


You have put a lot of time and energy in figuring out what your company needs to do to grow and/or overcome external challenges impacting your business.


But you are struggling to articulate and rollout your strategy to your team. You need to align your team, and have an accountability system to keep them on track.


You don’t want nor need a complex business planning process. One that takes too much time and resources to create. And a planning system that lacks clarity, alignment and accountability.


If instead what you want is a clear, simple, and executable one-page business plan that provides alignment and spark in moving your team into action. And a performance system to track your teams progress while holding employees accountable in getting their jobs done.


Then this Playbook is right for you if you want to “Be clear and lead your team to success”

Program Guarantee

After the one-page business plan is completed for the business leader, if you decide this isn’t what you need, I’ll return the initial payment, and only ask you pay for my modest travel and out of pocket expenses.


Clients can terminate the program thereafter – at any time as long as they give me a full week’s notices. Unused portion of the program will be returned to client. 

Here’s How to Find Out More

If you have read this far, and you think you might be interested in the program, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary OPPEX Playbook Strategy Session and a demo of the TOPPS performance system.


This no-obligation meeting allows you to find out more about the program, a demo and whether it's right for you.


In that session we’ll explore what you need to move your business forward and what you’ve learned from past business plan and execution efforts. We will explore the challenges you and your team face, what kind of results you’d like to see instead, and whether this program could help or not.


Whatever the outcome, you’ll leave the conversation clear about the issues you’re facing and excited about what’s possible.


The session will take about an hour and can be done in person or by web conference. Click here to book your Innovator’s Strategy Session. I look forward to our conversation.


With best wishes,


Kevin B. McGourty,
President and CEO
iNPD Center, Inc.

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