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SMART Interfaces

Many economic and design challenges face the embedded Internet solution provider in creating and controlling a network of potentially tens of thousand of switches, sensors, and TCP/IP embedded devices over the Internet.   To implement these systems, the designer must consider five key system requirements: Scalability, Manageability, Availability, Reliability, and Transparency. An application example of a vineyard management system is outlined.

 Implementing real-time (collaborative) Internet interfaces

Imagine a live Internet community where musicians of all levels and interest can plug into the Internet and jam live with anyone in the world, at any time, with any type of instrument including voice, in a simple and natural way for personal entertainment, expression, and learning.(Original vision of StickyJam.com, Inc, a music recreation site). Reality or Fantasy?

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The Innovator’s Playbook

Discovering and Transforming Great Ideas Into Breakthrough New Products

The Innovator's Playbook

The Innovator’s Playbook provides an innovation framework based on the "jobs-to-be-done" innovation theory pioneered by Clayton Christensen and others. This proven methodology frames innovation opportunities from the customer's perspective to create products and services that match the needs of the people who use it.


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