How We Work

We help your company develop an innovation framework to identify problems worth solving and create solutions that customers value.

What Do Clients Get When They Work with iNPD?

As a result of working with us you can expect a steady stream of successful new product introductions while avoiding the frustration and waste of launching product duds. Your company will have an innovation framework to guide you in doing the necessary preliminary activities to identify problems worth solving and create solutions that customers value.

  • No longer will you waste precious resources on launching “solutions looking for a problem.” You will know what customers want before customers know what they want.
  • You will have a robust new product portfolio management system to focus your resources.
  • Your company will develop an innovation and design thinking culture, founded on an ongoing discipline and shared understanding of creating value for customers.
  • You will identify and fix the most critical barriers to achieving market leadership.
  • You will have a set of integrated metrics and dashboards to guide your innovation initiatives.
  • Best of all, you will have energized, motivated leaders and employees who love what they do. They will realize their full potential in creating great new products and making a positive difference for your customers.

Guiding Beliefs

  • Doing what’s right and doing the right things for the customer always by making the best decisions we can despite imperfect knowledge.
  • The “purpose of a business is to create a customer,” according to Peter Drucker. Creating customers means meeting their unmet needs and wants.
  • Innovation and new technologies are essential ingredients to creating raving fans and loyal customers.
  • Business should be fun and not adversarial. We seek to do business with people and companies who create win/win business relationships.
  • We want to be trusted advisors by being kind, fair, humorous, helpful, competent, reliable, trustworthy and responsive.

Our Approach

Engagement with clients always begins with developing a clear picture of what “victory looks like.” Whether victory is revving-up a new product development growth engine or doing hands on research to discover customer requirements, we help you achieve it. We honestly assess your currently reality and design a customized program to get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

We are all about delivering results early and often. We are experienced business and development professionals who believe in focusing on specific opportunities and challenges you are facing. We help you build confidence and tangible results while creating a robust and repeatable innovation growth engine.

We will develop a set of practice skills and tools customized to your situation and goals. Topics and practices can include:

  • Creating and mastering anidea to launch framework
  • Discovering “bold-new-ideas” and business opportunities
  • Creating a Product Development Portfolio System to manage precious development resources

What Makes iNPD Different?

We’ve been in the trenches. We know how it feels when a product development growth engine sputters. We have led the transformation of development teams from producing “me-too” products to launching “game-changing” products. We have worked with established firms and with early stage companies.

Whether in the role of interim chief innovation leader, product manager, market researcher or innovation consultant and coach, the team at iNPD Center fills gaps on your current team. We help execute specific opportunities as we work together to create an innovation growth engine to achieve market leadership in the market arenas you choose to win in.

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The Innovator’s Playbook

Discovering and Transforming Great Ideas Into Breakthrough New Products

The Innovator's Playbook

The Innovator’s Playbook provides an innovation framework based on the "jobs-to-be-done" innovation theory pioneered by Clayton Christensen and others. This proven methodology frames innovation opportunities from the customer's perspective to create products and services that match the needs of the people who use it.


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