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If you’ve read through our web site and would now like to learn more about if and how we might be able to help you achieve your desired results, please set up an initial exploratory meeting with me (

During our initial exploratory meeting we’ll have a conversation to learn about your needs, objectives and priorities, and to see whether what we offer seems to be enough of a fit to move forward.

If there’s a fit, we’ll then set up a strategy session, either by Zoom or in person, to conduct an in-depth discovery interview in which we gather information that allows us to provide you a scope of work, outlining the issues and best solutions.

If you would like to set up an 30 minute exploratory Zoom meeting with me, please go to my calendar and select a time that works best for you: 

We acknowledge your initiative in taking a step to make a difference!


Just want to network and share ideas, insights and resources?

I am always looking to meet interesting people, learning from them and sharing ideas, insights, resources and connections with them.

If you are and interesting person (and I am sure you are), and interested in having a 30-minute virtual coffee meeting with me, please go to my calendar and set a time for us.

If you prefer to correspond with me through LinkedIn, here’s my address:

Or email me at <>

I am here to help, listen, inspire, provide and share ideas in navigating through these uncertain times.


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case studies

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