Case Study 2




An entrepreneurial company had established an initial product and corporate acceptance, but was not executing. It lacked clear business focus and planning. It was quickly running out of money and losing customers.


The company was faced with too many options and opportunities. It changed direction far too often, almost weekly. The company lacked focus and struggled to make informed decisions.


iNPD objectively evaluated of the company’s strengths and weaknesses to help it determine a business direction and purpose. We created and presented several business scenarios for detailed discussion with the CEO and management team to better define the opportunities based on company’s resources.

After establishing the process, we worked with the team in developing the business and operational plans. We established a framework for the business to execute under management control and focus instead of under a “whimsical” entrepreneurial fantasy.


iNPD was able to refocus and reposition the company in alignment with its core competency: niche printer and office product development. The company successfully reestablished sales with existing customers, allowing it to continue to stay in business and engage future clients.

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