Case Study 6




A small company with a sales channel limited to a single OEM customer came to iNPD seeking help. It was developing a brand new product concept outside its core business expertise and its current OEM customer.


The company had no marketing or customer experience with the new product line. It needed basic marketing inputs and verification to assure the product would be accepted in the target markets.


The first step was to create a sales and marketing plan and to generate corporate goals and objectives to focus the business. To validate the product concept’s viability, iNPD conducted primary and secondary research and a competitive analysis. To achieve the sales objectives, we created an initial awareness and presence for the product and company through a focused marketing plan.


The company demonstrated the viability of the product concept and generated domestic and international leads of over 100 OEMs and resellers. The product filled a market niche and was eagerly embraced by potential resellers and customers. Sales orders for evaluation units were obtained with three OEM prospects, representing a sales potential of $1.5 million to $3 million in annual business.

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