Case Study 4




The company developed a first generation wireless sensor network solution. It successfully sold the first generation product to an initial customer, a division of a Fortune 1000 company, thus proving validation of early market adoption.


The client saw an opportunity to scale the product into a viable business but required help in commercializing and launching the business.


iNPD worked with the company’s core team to develop a detailed market and application segmentation map. We identified specific gaps in the market place where their wireless network sensor technology would provide competitive advantages. Next we defined a positioning strategy and a product roadmap. This equipped the company to compete successfully by focusing on key niche markets. In addition, iNPD developed web content, advertising and specification sheets to support sales team in launching the product.


The company re-launched its business under a new branding strategy and rolled out initial product lines and sales efforts. It then expanded its unit sales with its existing OEM customer and achieved initial orders for demo units with key other OEM accounts. With its early wins in the market, the company chose to sell its intellectual property to one of its OEM’s, providing an excellent return on R&D investment.

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