Results Driven Strategy & Planning

As a successful  business leader,  you know the importance of strategy and execution. And while your strategy may be clear to you, are you sure everyone in your organization shares your clarity and sense of urgency? Are you really getting the results you want form your planning and execution?

The problem with the traditional approach to strategic planning is that it takes too much time, produces a document that is too hard to read, and lacks clear measurable objectives that provide alignment and accountability. The document usually ends up on the shelf, and the strategy doesn’t get executed.

What if instead, your strategy can be articulated and communicated on a one-page planning document. Where the strategic direction, measureable objectives and action plans are clearly articulated and shared across your organization. And a performance system that measures the right objectives and holds your team accountable for delivering the results that matter.

I help clients simplify their approach to strategic planning by adopting a one-page-planning and execution system. Using the one-page system, they achieve clarity, alignment, action and results!

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Playing the Game of Innovation to Win

In today's hyper-competitive environment new products are the lifeblood of your organization. Without innovative new products, your company will become stale, and eventually lose out to more innovative competitors.

Up till now, your new product development efforts have resulted in a steady flow of profitable new products. Your company has several wins under its belt. You have built a strong base of customers and a strong balance sheet.

But today, something has changed in the market. Perhaps you are reaching the top of your business “S” curve, and sales are beginning to slow down. Or a new competitor from outside your industry has entered the market with a disruptive new solution.

A New Game Plan Is Required

I work with CEO’s and business owners to successfully reformulate and redesign their business strategy and innovation game plans resulting in a steady stream of successful new product introductions. 

In short: you will play the game of innovation to win!

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The Innovator's Playbook

Discovering and Transforming Great Ideas Into Breakthrough New Products

The Innovator’s Playbook provides an innovation framework based on the "jobs-to-be-done" innovation theory pioneered by Clayton Christensen and others.

This proven methodology frames innovation opportunities from the customer's perspective to create products and services that match the needs of the people who use it.

The Innovator’s Playbook will help you take the guesswork out of what customers need and help you develop innovative solutions that address real customer problems.

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